A New Pinoy M2M story blog is born

Two years ago,  I created my own blog in a different website containing few memorable orgasmic sexcapades.  As I had been busy and moved to a different company, I left it unattended up until now so I just decided to create a new one instead.

So funny that I cannot even recall my previous blog name but surely, the stories kept some of the readers cumming as some of my sexperiences are cock-throbbing.  Anyway, Please do visit my new blog and feel free to comment or even add your own M2M sexperiences.

Since most of Pinoy M2m blogs were closed down by blogspot, I am promoting sexual stories by sharing PLU or straight men experiences.

You may get in touch with be via email: mikolibog@yahoo.com xoxo


About pinoyxcapades

-A hardworking IT auditor at night and a regular superhero in daytime. -Loner most of time due to his discreet status. -Loves to meet adventurous but safe guys. -Has 6.5 inch straight cock. Average girth -Been a consistent top yet tries to bottom at times -Jacks off at least 3 times a day. -Loves watching straight and gay porns, preferrably local or asian. -Gym addict but not buff. Chased by buffed and mature looking men -Borders near goodlooking status. -Would like to have a Chinese guy partner.

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